Start Showcasing with DogeFT!

Schedule Intro with AntiqueDoge

DogeFT Showcase exists to showcase YOU.

We want to meet you, show you tricks and tips for minting with VENFT App, confirm you are human, and get to know you so that we can showcase your universe and your NFTs!

Once approved for DogeFT Showcase you receive 5 Doge, 100 VENFT and 0.05 NEBL (enough for pay 250 transactions fees). Additional minting tokens are provided for free!


2. Create Dogecoin and NFT Minting Wallet using VENFT App

Create a new wallet or login to an existing wallet with VENFT App. This includes all your minting tools! Currently Chrome browser is recommended.

Ensure you have copied the Account Key or download the backup file from the VENFT App (In the account page). This Account Key can be used to access your wallet and must be stored securely including your password. With this backup you can restore your wallet anytime.

2. Verify Your Identity

DogeFT Showcase exists to showcase YOU. By verifying your identity it ensures that your creations are showcased alongside other authenticated creators and reduces spam in the ecosystem. 

Using VENFT App navigate to the top of the NFT Explorer tab to copy Neblio Public Address. Navigate to Doge Wallet to copy the Dogecoin Public Address

3. Recieve Dogecoin Rewards, Minting Tokens, and DAYC Boarding Pass!

VENFT Tokens are used for minting NFTs on the Neblio Blockchain. Tokens are distributed for free to creators!

NFT’s Minting costs 0.0002 NEBL(fee) and 1 VENFT (carrier). The VENFT token will stay on your address as the NFT.